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A worldwide update for GROOVE GUARDIANS is now live.


Munich, March 5th, 2020 – That’s music to our ears! We’re extremely excited to share that we have a huge update for HOLOGATE’s popular game GROOVE GUARDIANS rolling out worldwide right now. The update includes brand new 3 minute songs and the introduction of Epic mode, which will make even the best dancers sweat. Guardians, there has never been a better time to get your groove on!

All new songs are now available on

So now you can listen to our tracks anytime, anywhere!

Switching to 3 minute songs at your Hologate System

To switch from the default 5 minute songs to 3 minute songs, press the Game Length button in the bottom right corner of the touchscreen. Then, select 3 minute songs from the Game Length menu. You now have access to the new 3 minute songs.

Switching to EPIC mode at your Hologate System

To switch a song to Epic Mode, press the Game Difficulty button next to the selected song. Then, select Epic Mode from the menu. Your selected song is now in Epic Mode.


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