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We are proud to announce a revolutionary update to our bestselling XR multiplayer system, HOLOGATE ARENA. HOLOGATE ARENA now features hyper-real wireless streaming technology which guarantees high-resolution cinematic graphics and superior performance, an unprecedented advancement over many other free-roam VR systems that rely solely on headset rendering. By streaming high-resolution virtual reality worlds directly into headsets, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables, HOLOGATE ARENA now enables players to freely explore the gameplay space and immerse themselves in a visually stunning experience.

This update also includes the introduction of three distinct, flexible ARENA variations designed to suit every location preference and elevate the VR experience.

Wireless Freedom

Say goodbye to headset wiring constraints. With the new wireless technology, players can now enjoy unparalleled freedom of movement, enhancing their sense of presence and immersion. This advancement allows for a more natural and fluid interaction within virtual environments, making the VR experience more engaging than ever before. No more cables means a more robust and reliable system, reducing maintenance and downtime for venue operators.

Unrivaled Graphics and Performance

Our ARENA systems offer the best graphics, thanks to our cutting-edge streaming technology. Unlike other systems that rely solely on headset rendering, our solutions enable high-fidelity streaming directly into headsets, guaranteeing groundbreaking graphics and performance and ensuring an unparalleled visual experience.

Introducing Three Distinct ARENA Options:

ARENA CORE: Maximize flexibility with ARENA CORE, our most versatile and compact VR system. Designed for easy portability and setup, it guarantees an amazing wireless VR experience wherever and whenever needed. Perfect for operators looking for maximum flexibility.

ARENA INFINITE: Step up the excitement with the ARENA INFINITE, offering all the benefits of the ARENA CORE together with a compact and visually appealing game area design, captivating players and spectators alike. An immersive, flexible VR experience that stands out in a crowd.

ARENA ULTIMATE: Immerse yourself in premium VR entertainment with ARENA ULTIMATE. This system retains the iconic HOLOGATE look, now enhanced with wireless headset technology. Engage and amaze guests with live gameplay across multiple screens, complemented by immersive audio and dynamic lighting for a truly spectacular experience. The premium VR anchor attraction, equipped with every cutting-edge feature.

Ultra-Flexible Setup and Venue Benefits

The new wireless HOLOGATE ARENA systems are designed to cater to diverse venue needs, providing different levels of flexibility, mobility, and visual appeal. Venue owners benefit from a more robust, cable-free product that reduces setup complexity, minimizes maintenance, and enhances the guest experience. Whether it’s using space flexibly with the mobile ARENA CORE, fast setup with the visually striking ARENA INFINITE, or delivering premium entertainment with the wireless ARENA ULTIMATE, there’s a perfect HOLOGATE ARENA for every venue.

Leif Petersen, CEO and Founder of HOLOGATE, commented: “This launch marks a new dawn in immersive HOLOGATE VR. With wireless technology and three distinct ARENA systems, we’re offering unparalleled flexibility and performance and making premium VR experiences more accessible than ever.”

A Legacy of Excellence

With over 450 installations across 42 countries and total global players exceeding 20 million, HOLOGATE has established itself as the largest VR network worldwide. Notably, the lion’s share of this remarkable achievement can be attributed to the widespread success of HOLOGATE ARENA. All three HOLOGATE ARENA systems come with an extensive library of competitive and cooperative games span a vast array of genres, including internationally known blockbuster IPs like Ghostbusters and Angry Birds that push the limits of VR, are addictively fun for everyone of all ages and skill levels and create powerful, long-lasting memories of good times with friends and family.


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