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How Pakistan’s Largest FEC Thrives with HOLOGATE

In 2023, Onederland, Pakistan’s largest Family Entertainment Center, achieved a remarkable milestone by recording over 116,000 plays on their HOLOGATE ARENA, one of the highest play counts across the world and solidifying the ARENA’s position as one of the top-grossing attractions within the facility. We sat down with Onederland’s CEO, Ammar Motan, to unravel the secrets behind their success with the multiplayer VR system.

Staying Ahead in the Virtual Reality Game

Owned by the Yunus Brothers Group, Onederland is an entertainment hub within Lucky One, Pakistan’s largest shopping mall. With an impressive 45,000-square-foot footprint and 1.3 million visits in 2023, Onederland is Pakistan’s biggest Family Entertainment Center. What sets them apart?

According to CEO Ammar Motan: “We are the sole HOLOGATE operator in Pakistan, so keeping up with the latest virtual reality technology ensures that our customers keep coming back for more.”

Prime Location and Proactive Engagement

The placement of the HOLOGATE ARENA at Onederland has played a pivotal role in its success, according to CEO Motan. Positioned next to the park’s popular rollercoaster and bumper cars, the HOLOGATE gains attention from curious onlookers during their short wait.

In addition, Onederland places a significant emphasis on proactive customer engagement. The establishment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the dedicated crew members operating the attractions underscores this commitment. The result is that team members go above and beyond their assigned stations, actively engaging with guests to enhance the overall experience and drive gameplay.

CEO Motan suggests:  “The human element has really helped us to achieve results.”

A Seamless Experience with Bundled Attractions

Onederland’s strategic decision to bundle all attractions under a single electronic card has proven to be a game-changer. Visitors can choose between a variety of packages which, depending on the package load a certain number of tokens on the card. These can then be “spent” on the different attractions. Visitors can seamlessly enjoy the HOLOGATE ARENA and other attractions without the hassle of separate bookings.

The HOLOGATE Decision

Onederland’s partnership with HOLOGATE started back in 2019. Executives sought a VR system for their Family Entertainment Center and HOLOGATE emerged as the clear forerunner.

Motan explains: “Quite simply, the competitor offer was not able to keep up. HOLOGATE stood out because of the calibration of the hardware with the software.”

The seamless synchronization of hardware and software, coupled with stunning graphics and engaging game narratives, has made the HOLOGATE ARENA a valuable attraction at Onederland.

Motan praises the absence of motion sickness experienced with other VR systems and lauds HOLOGATE’s customer service, noting: “HOLOGATE is the full package. A great product and amazing after-sales support.”

The Future

Looking ahead, Onederland is already envisioning the next chapter of their partnership with HOLOGATE. Following their visit to IAAPA in Orlando in November 2023, plans are in motion for further products in 2024. Ammar Motan expresses excitement about HYPER GOLF, believing it will enhance the guest experience, marking the beginning of a new era for Onederland’s entertainment offerings.


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