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Ghostbusters VR Academy has only just launched, but already our venues are seeing success with Ghostbuster VR Academy events, attracting new customers and super fans alike. Let’s have a look at the incredible value of these events and what to consider when organizing!


Attracting a Wave of New Customers

Ghostbusters is a beloved franchise which continues to captivate and excite both long-time enthusiasts and new fans and many of these fans will be new to VR. The latest film Ghostbusters: Afterlife, together with its sequel planned for this year featuring new stars, is thrilling a whole new generation of fans. Hosting Ghostbusters VR Academy-themed events gives people another reason to visit your venue and relive the Ghostbusters adventure which is only possible in VR.

Increasing Revenue

Ghostbusters VR Academy events or parties can be a significant revenue generator for venues. Whether through ticket sales, party bookings, or additional services like food and beverage offerings, these events present opportunities to increase your venue’s overall revenue and profitability. And not just from players; The HOLOGATE ARENA offers unrivaled curb appeal for spectators with screens that show live gameplay, and scores. And of course, Ghostbusters merchandise also never fails to delight.

Generating Viral Sensations and Social Media Buzz

Events or parties featuring the Ghostbusters VR Academy have been shown to generate significant social media buzz. Guests are sharing their exciting experiences, spreading the word about venues to a wider audience. Just contact and invite your local Ghostbusters fan clubs and level up your event. We have already seen Ghostbuster fan clubs who formed teams and came to play Ghostbusters VR Academy following the launch in March 2023, many of which have a huge social community. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive!

Creating a Realm of Repeat Visitations

Ghostbusters VR Academy is easy to play and hard to master so many venues are seeing repeat visits from fans who want to better their original score, relive the Ghostbusters adventure or improve their skills. Ghostbusters VR Academy events also promote the formation of competitive teams that practice and play together at future events. By participating, teams have the opportunity to showcase their abilities and measure themselves against other competitive teams. This creates a sense of excitement and motivation to return to the venue for future events and tournaments, fostering a loyal and dedicated customer base.

Unforgettable Family Fun

Ghostbusters VR Academy is an amazing shared social experience which friends and family of all ages can enjoy together. Players work together as a team in high-risk ghost encounter scenarios, learning how to trap or blow ghosts to smithereens with their proton packs, engaging in amazing battles with iconic characters like Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This social adventure offers an escape from reality that creates powerful, long-lasting memories of good times.

Unleash your ghostbusting skills!

One thing is clear: the beloved Ghostbusters franchise clearly still electrifies fans old and new and successfully gets people off their couches and into venues. The perfect backdrop to a themed Ghostbusters VR Academy party or event at your location! Check out our marketing kit for otherworldly assets, contact your local Ghostbusters fan club (you’ll be amazed, they’re everywhere!) and reach out to your local community about an event they will surely never forget!


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