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With more than 5 million players worldwide, HOLOGATE ARENA is one of the most popular and successful virtual reality platforms on the market. Despite this success, some locations generate more revenue than others. In this article, we’re going to explain why.

Two of our most successful HOLOGATE ARENA operators were kind enough to share their great insight into their business practices and how they maximize revenue. We spoke with Eddie Hamann from Andretti Indoor Karting and Games, who owns four locations in Florida, and Todd Maunsell from Cinergy Cinemas, who currently operates five locations in Texas and Oklahoma. Eddie and Todd manage some of the highest performing HOLOGATE ARENAs in the world.


It’s no coincidence that HOLOGATE ARENA became the most installed compact virtual reality system worldwide. The sleek design and lights of the attraction are captivating, as Maunsell confirms: “We were really drawn to HOLOGATE’s look and appeal, and the way it would fit onto the floor.” Hamann was convinced as well: “I love the idea that it wasn’t enclosed, and that attracts people.”

Another benefit is the small footprint of the HOLOGATE ARENA. It’s a perfect fit, especially for operators with small locations or limited space.

“… for being in an arena that takes so little space, when you look at revenue per square foot, nothing can beat it,”

Hamann explains.



It was important for Hamann and Maunsell to position the system somewhere highly visible to increase their awareness and entice the customers to try it out. Hamann and Maunsell made sure that the HOLOGATE ARENA is a centerpiece in their locations and is not hidden somewhere in the corner. “We prominently put HOLOGATE up front in our game room. We make sure it has a wow factor when you walk in our front doors,” Maunsell says. Hamann agrees:

“In fact, we make sure that the HOLOGATE is in the best positions in our locations. So we build our entire arcade around the HOLOGATE. That’s how important it is to us.”

This effort will be rewarded with customers who will be impressed by the HOLOGATE experience and create repeat customers. “We have polled our customers and 95% of them said they would do it again,” Hamann describes.



A common misconception of HOLOGATE ARENA operators is that the attraction doesn’t require staff and an extra employee is an unnecessary expense. “You have to be willing to put labor into HOLOGATE,” Maunsell emphasizes. Hamann is also convinced that you need the right staff.

“If it’s an attraction and you dedicate your payroll, you made an investment into the attraction, then I guarantee you you’re going to generate enough money for those two employees or that one employee that’s there permanently and a lot of revenue and repeat business for you.”

With such strong need for competent operators, it’s important to pick the right staff. Your HOLOGATE employees must be friendly and knowledgeable.

“I can tell you that about 15-20% of our sales are done on the HOLOGATE by answering questions. We have adequate employees, well trained, energetic, answering questions and inviting people,

explains Hamann.


Thanks to the open design, the HOLOGATE ARENA is an exciting experience, even for people who are not actually playing. The live gameplay broadcast on screens makes it captivating for those who watch. Since most of our clients’ locations are places designed for families or groups of friends to visit and have a great time together, HOLOGATE ARENA is a perfect choice to create that memorable shared social experience.

The attraction draws more attention when someone is playing it. Based on this fact, Hamann found a unique approach to initiating games. He encourages his employees to simply play one of the games to naturally get people’s attention. “That entices others to come in and do it.” Hamann attributes his revenue of $300,000 to $400,000 a year for each of his four locations to these strategies. Maunsell’s staff actively invite their customers to try out HOLOGATE ARENA.

“We actually go out and actively seek people out,”

Maunsell explains.

If it’s slow and there’s no line, our team members will go out and find people to play and make it attractive.” Another idea is to combine HOLOGATE ARENA with some other attractions in your venue. Hamann says:

“One thing that we’ve done is we have packaged the HOLOGATE with the laser tag and the ropes course. And that has generated a lot of sales for us.”

By bundling it with other attractions, it can help you introduce HOLOGATE to customers who have never tried virtual reality before.

Staffing knowledgeable and energetic operators, positioning HOLOGATE to be your centerpiece attraction, and placing even a few people in the experience, has been the formula for continued success for Hamann and Maunsell.  We hope that this insightful knowledge can work for you.



The success of HOLOGATE ARENA operators is very important to us. We believe that operators can learn from each other’s best practices to improve their venues. That’s why we kindly invite you to share your HOLOGATE experiences, tips and stories with us. And for those of you seeking more information about the HOLOGATE ARENA, please contact us today.





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