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German engineered

since 2013

Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Munich, Germany, Hologate quickly established a track record of industry recognition. Our in-house executive, creative, and development team produce immersive extended reality (XR) turnkey solutions for entertainment and enterprise.

We are quite distinct from our competitors

The executive team at HOLOGATE has a robust history at the forefront of traditional media and entertainment, eSports, international business, stereoscopic 3D, and visual effects.

The varied, yet complimentary experience that each of the principals bring to the table make HOLOGATE quite distinct from our competitors. While most VR companies may possess a few of the skills of the aforementioned areas, we truly feel that it was the total amalgamation of all of our backgrounds and our insight that went into creating HOLOGATE.

Interactive and Immersive
Platforms + Content


Custom solutions, tailored to your needs.

Let us know what your requirements are and we can either integrate them with our existing platforms or create custom and new options. Our team of seasoned engineers, artists, developers, and inventors combine the latest technology with disruptive creativity and a dash of virtual magic.

Our references include:

FERRARI  | BMW  |  Ford  |  VW  |  AUDI  | Mercedes Benz  |  Renault  | INFINITI  |  Kuka  |  KOREAN AIR  |  EMINEM  |  BARCLAY CARD  |  LG  | Orange  |  qantas  |  Siemens  |   Baileys  |  Carlsberg  |  illy  |  Haribo 

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We are always looking for: Extremely creative artists, technical masterminds, administrative gurus, incredible sales heroes, and strategic operations commanders.

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