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German engineered

since 2013

Founded in 2013 with headquarters in Munich, Germany, Hologate quickly established a track record of industry recognition. Our in-house executive, creative, and development team produce immersive extended reality (XR) turnkey solutions for entertainment and enterprise.

Leading the XRevolution

HOLOGATE pioneers extended reality, crafting immersive experiences for millions worldwide through advanced XR platforms and software.

Our success is powered by a multidisciplinary team of seasoned professionals and dynamic innovators across various domains—from developers, IT specialists and real-time graphics artists to experts in finance, marketing, and operations. Adding to our unique strength, we boast strategic thinkers who have honed their skills in the world’s most elite special forces, bringing discipline and precision to our mission. This rich tapestry of talent ensures that every HOLOGATE solution is steeped in creativity, strategic insight, and groundbreaking technology, setting new standards for immersive experiences. Discover the future with HOLOGATE, where exceptional minds build extraordinary realities.

Interactive and Immersive
Platforms + Content


Custom solutions, tailored to your needs.

Let us know what your requirements are and we can either integrate them with our existing platforms or create custom and new options. Our team of seasoned engineers, artists, developers, and inventors combine the latest technology with disruptive creativity and a dash of virtual magic.

Our references include:

FERRARI  | BMW  |  Ford  |  VW  |  AUDI  | Mercedes Benz  |  Renault  | INFINITI  |  Kuka  |  KOREAN AIR  |  EMINEM  |  BARCLAY CARD  |  LG  | Orange  |  qantas  |  Siemens  |   Baileys  |  Carlsberg  |  illy  |  Haribo 

Looking for a job opportunity?

We are always looking for: Extremely creative artists, technical masterminds, administrative gurus, incredible sales heroes, and strategic operations commanders.

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