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The Racing and Flying VRevolution

Following in the footsteps of the worldwide success of the HOLOGATE ARENA, we found the formula for the next big thing in out-of-home virtual reality, HOLOGATE BLITZ, a motion simulator platform designed from the ground up for flying, racing, and even underwater VR experiences.

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The Ultimate Virtual Reality Motion Simulator

HOLOGATE BLITZ is a revolutionary, premium product that provides luxurious comfort, unparalleled quality, and durable enough to absorb multiple hits from a laser blaster. Up to 8 players can fully immerse themselves in magical worlds filled with fire breathing dragons, epic space battles, and futuristic racers. That’s just a small sample into the endless possibilities of out-of-this-world immersion. Try getting that at home!

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Anchor Attraction

Premium motion simulator experience that is unique, eye-catching, and built for everyone.


Compared to hydraulic and pneumatic, our belt-driven system is more durable and easy to maintain.

Motion Range

Up to 1 meter of vertical lift and an incredible ±30° range of motion in every direction.

Racing and Flying

The steering column can easily be switched to go from single-axis (racing) to dual-axis (flying) mode.


Modular upgrades, rugged design, outstanding service and support keep you operational 24/7.


Intuitive interface and system operation make for effortless management by a single attendant.

Health and

Inherent socially-distanced design and world-class hygiene and safety standards.


High-end VR headsets and augmented effects create out-of-this-world immersion.

Range of

Up to 1 meter of vertical lift, with ±30° movement in every direction, allows the player to travel on land, in the air, under the sea, or between planets, galaxies, and dimensions.


Easy-to-use operator controls featuring game selection, setup options, and backend analytics.

Intuitive touchscreen to assign players and select games.
Up to 10 Screens showing gameplay, scores and video for spectators.
High-quality components for durability.
Incredible range-of-motion.
High-performance PCs create a fluid, low-latency experience.
Augmented wind effect controlled by in-game speed.
Up to 4 players can play in a space of 25m ² / 270 ft ².

Available System Configurations






Player (4+4)

Built for

Next-level code design and motion tracking with extremely low latency eliminates the motion sickness typically found in traditional simulators.


State-of-the-art software and hardware to power our games for the ultimate in next-gen virtual reality.

Control and Analytics App




Video Library

Tournament Control

Premium Content with the Highest Replay Factor

Ghostbusters VR Academy

Ghostbusters VR Academy

Train to a real Ghostbuster!

Hyper GP

Hyper GP

Pilot futuristic hover vehicles in fast-paced, multiplayer races!

eSports ready

Our newest project in the pipeline: HOLOGATE eSports is taking competitive VR gaming to the next level, helping you gain new and returning customers by creating global and regional eSports opportunities. The HOLOGATE ARENA and the HOLOGATE BLITZ are perfect for location-based VR eSports.

  • Run your own tournaments with our bracket system
  • Join HOLOGATE run tournaments and championships
  • Promote tournament leaderboards with spectator screens
  • Create and manage team and player profiles
  • Boosts your business with repeat customers

Hygiene and Safety Standards

We are thinking beyond immersive player experiences. Superb cleaning solutions and guidelines for a compliant operation will help keep your customers safe. Based on our years of experience operating systems and attractions, we have outlined hygiene and safety standards for Virtual Reality, designed to bring a uniformed process to the location-based entertainment industry.

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Our high-end turnkey systems perfectly integrate with family entertainment centers, cinemas, bowling alleys, escape rooms, karting raceways, laser tag arenas, trampoline centers, climbing centers, shopping malls, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, and any other location that wants to upgrade with the latest immersive technology.

Is HOLOGATE BLITZ available in my country?

With our network of global distribution partners, HOLOGATE systems are available in every country, worldwide. To find a distribution partner in your region, please contact our sales team.

What are the requirements to install the HOLOGATE BLITZ (size, power, internet)?

4 player system – 5×5 m / 17×17 ft + 2.80 m / 9.5 ft vertical clearance, 6x 16A fused power lines, grounded connection, plus internet connection for support, system, and game deployment updates.

2 player system – 5×2.5 m / 17×8.5 ft + 2.80 m / 9.5 ft vertical clearance, 4x 16A fused power lines, grounded connection, plus internet connection for support, system, and game deployment updates.

Following the installation, attendants must be present for training.

Please contact us for more Information on 8 player systems.

How many attendants does the HOLOGATE BLITZ need?

Our intuitive software, touchscreen interface, charging rack, and video tutorial library is easy to use, allowing a single attendant to fully operate the system and the ability to attend to other attractions or tasks.

What kind of maintenance is required with the HOLOGATE BLITZ?

The HOLOGATE BLITZ requires extremely low maintenance, compared to hydraulic and pneumatic systems commonly used in traditional motion simulators, due to it’s belt driven system. The belt driven system in the HOLOGATE BLITZ is clean, quiet, and easy to maintain. Pneumatic systems make it more difficult to regulate speed and control due to the use of compressed air. They are also sensitive to water, vibrations and changing temperatures. Furthermore, pneumatic systems are really loud. Hydraulic systems are even more complex and more expensive, and because many hydraulic fluids are oil based they pose a fire hazard when they leak. These leaks also pose other safety hazards in the form of high pressure spray, slippery pools, and the sudden stoppage of the system due to reduced flow. Hydraulic systems can also be really loud, especially if air enters the fluids, resulting in banging noises.


Stay up-to-date with HOLOGATE system and games news, and company announcements.


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