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As the world is reopening and many entertainment operators are determining which VR entertainment platform is the best investment, the HOLOGATE ARENA has been proven to be the go-to VR solution due to its exceptional revenue per space ratio, great ROI, and ability to generate repeat business and happy customers. Let us show you the benefits of a HOLOGATE ARENA system.

Revenue Calculator

First, download our HOLOGATE Revenue Calculator. Our revenue calculator is an effective tool for you to create revenue projections for a HOLOGATE ARENA. Just simply enter in your estimated operating hours, price per player, and estimated number of players per week, and quickly see projections of your weekly, monthly, and annual potential revenue with your HOLOGATE ARENA.  DOWNLOAD Revenue Calculator

Operator Insights to profitability

We have also provided testimonies from clients where they generously share their client-tested strategies to further support how and why HOLOGATE ARENA effectively generates revenue.

Many of the owners have offered high praise for the HOLOGATE ARENA’s small footprint, high customer throughput and repeat plays, and the ideal one to a four-player ratio that not only efficiently preps and activates each game but continually promotes the experience to the curious spectators. All of these factors have attributed to boosting revenue and maintaining happy customers that keep coming back for more!

Profitable in less than 5 months

Eddie Hamann, Managing Partner of Andretti Indoor Karting and Games who owns six locations with a seventh opening soon, broke even and started profiting on their first HOLOGATE ‘ARENA’ in less than 5 months. The small footprint and high revenue potential of HOLOGATE ‘ARENA’ were important factors for Hamann. “When you look at revenue per square foot, nothing can beat it.” Hamann says.

After seeing how successful it was in his one facility, Hamann started adding HOLOGATE ARENAs to all of his locations. You can learn more about Andretti’s thoughtful strategies for boosting revenue using the link below:

Andretti’s Incredible Success with VRAndretti’s Incredible Success with VR


Two-Bit Circus, a “micro-amusement park” located in Los Angeles was the first venue to install a HOLOGATE ARENA in California. Immediately upon installation, their one ARENA became the stand-out favorite among all of their attractions. When Two Bit Circus reached their ROI under a year, they then added a second system to parlay their revenue. Brent Bushnell, Chairman and Founder of Two Bit Circus states, “It’s reliable, operator friendly, always busy, and people love the experience. It’s worked so well for us we got a second one!”

Up to 9,000 players per month

1.7k players per month have been the global average for the majority of HOLOGATE ARENA locations, with some notable locations such as Andretti’s and Two Bit Circus, in the 2k-4k players per month range.

The VR Park, located in the Dubai Mall, is one of the busiest Hologate Arena locations and reaching peak performance of over 9,000 players per month. Leveraging the existing foot traffic and smart positioning of the system into an exposed premium space by the entrance as well as exceptional client service allows for such high numbers. Initially, the system was placed more towards the back of the venue, and repositioning into this more exposed space saw their player numbers triple.

Maximize Your HOLOGATE RevenueMaximize Your HOLOGATE Revenue

In over 400 venues in 36 countries across the globe, many proud owners of HOLOGATE ARENA like the ones mentioned above, have experienced that the HOLOGATE ARENA is the go-to VR solution due to its exceptional revenue per space ratio, great ROI, and ability to generate repeat business and happy customers.

Gregg Katano

SVP, U.S. Operations. 25+ year entertainment and media professional, entrepreneur, and strategist in the areas of live production, vfx, and stereoscopic 3D. Prior to joining HOLOGATE in 2017, Gregg had been a leader in the immersive space speaking internationally and creating activations for Google and CES.