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Strategies for a Post-Covid World

For many operators, 2020 was a time of challenges and uncertainty.

The global health crisis impacted all forms of entertainment, and none more so than those operating indoor entertainment centers.

Through creative maneuvering and some raw resilience, we all managed to pull through. These valuable lessons learned will help us to put together a plan moving forward to prepare for reopening and the welcoming of the returning guests.

Re-Envisioning Your Space

The entertainment venues are now in a battle for the attention of the re-emerging audience. In this overview, we look at the importance of taking a bird’s eye view of your operation and then apply strategies that could help to optimize your space for a post-covid world.

Let’s begin with the need to evaluate and determine if adjustments to the space can be made to ensure smooth access to the entertainment and amenities throughout your facility and that we do our very best to create a Covid safe environment.

With all facilities having to be mindful of capacity limitations and avoiding “clustering” of guests, here are some recommendations of how to manage both of these considerations.

Due to the new requirement to limit the capacity of guests, most venues should now implement some type of registration (or pre-registration) prior to gaining access to the space. Making this process as painless as possible for your guests is key. Once the plan is laid out, “training” will play an impactful part. It is imperative that your team is primed, in sync, and enthusiastic to implement it.

Make the new registration less of a process and more of an experience. To control the flow and overcrowding of your space, place greeters at the front to welcome the guests with a smile upon arrival. They will check IDs (if necessary), do a temperature check, offer them hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes, and inform them of the new layout and operation of the site… how they move through the facility and how they interact with the features of the venue. This will also allow you the opportunity to hold the guests at the door temporarily to allow for the previous group of guests to disperse a bit and/or in certain circumstances, the overall capacity to lessen.

Another creative option would be to link the registration to a “Kodak Moment” (capturing a picture of them upon entering). It shouldn’t come as a surprise to many guests as many have most likely experienced this when visiting most theme parks and it would be a nice takeaway gift and gesture of gratitude for participating in the registration.

When re-envisioning your layout and operation of the facility, it is important to consider proper “signage” throughout the space. Signage to show the steps that your organization has taken to help to ensure the guests’ safety but also as a reminder to follow requirements while they are an occupant in the space (e.g. wear masks, social distancing, etc..) While many favor signs with written requirements, pictograms may be much more universally effective and informative.

Remember to also link this information to your social media, website, and other forms of guest outreach. If the guest is using a unique registration app to enter the facility, ensure that the details on the new requirements and operations are clearly presented.

Placing Fun Front and Center

When faced with the re-envisioning of one’s space, some operators may be concerned if the additional requirements will force them to remove their most crowd-pleasing “centerpiece entertainment attraction”. There should be no need to remove these experiences, but rather, make conscientious choices to operate them appropriately. It is important that not only the proper operation of the system is continued, but just as important are the added procedures of health protocols to help keep the guests and your team safe.

Virtual Reality experiences are still a major draw for all entertainment facilities and many are now becoming the “centerpiece entertainment attractions”. Although the system and equipment may look slightly different than most traditional FEC experiences, the need for hygiene safety is just as important. HOLOGATE has been one of the leaders in establishing a “Hygiene Standard” for virtual reality experiences and it’s essential that this is used to help ensure your guest’s safety and enjoyment.

-More information on the HOLOGATE Hygiene and Safety Standards can be found HERE


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