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HOLOGATE Hygiene and Safety Standards

Post Coronavirus, we must accept the reality that we will be unable to operate as we have before. Cleanliness and disinfection will have to become paramount to customers’ confidence in enjoying our attractions and location-based entertainment.

We have outlined new hygiene and safety standards for Virtual Reality, designed to bring a uniformed process to the location-based entertainment industry, based on our years of experience operating systems and attractions.

In Summary:

  • We suggest two very effective cleaning methods for virtual reality headsets and accessories. Our Standard method (visual check, wet clean, dry wipe) and a Advanced method (UVC light system).
  • Cleanbox a leading manufacturer of premium, eco-friendly, UVC – Ultraviolet C, medical-grade cleaning equipment for the decontamination of virtual reality headsets. Special pricing has been offered for HOLOGATE owners, which includes two and four-player package options. Learn more about Cleanbox.
  • Having an ample supply of sanitizing wipes should be on your checklist and a priority for your location.
  • Having a supply of disposal VR mask covers is recommended for players that might be hesitant to put a headset directly on their face. Especially for players wearing heavy makeup. This option should not replace the Standard or Advanced cleaning methods.
  • And lastly, you will need to make sure that your staff understands that constantly cleaning and disinfecting, is now one of their top priorities and it will be everyone’s responsibility. Staff should be highly visible when disinfecting, staff should be assigned to a daily cleaning schedule, throughout every hour on the hour, place customer anti-bacterial dispenser and/or disinfectant wipe stations throughout your facility so that they are visible and conveniently accessed.
    Be sure to take photos and video of your team in action to post to social media channels.
  • Keep in mind to slow down and adjust your throughput expectations for your team and customers.
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