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In spite of the global pandemic, HOLOGATE recorded an impressive number of sales and installations in 2020, considering the circumstances affecting our industry, and added a handful of new countries to our ever-expanding network, which now covers 36 countries around the world. Due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, we even supported the installation of several systems via remote video calls, a highlight which we featured in our customer success story featuring Vaunce Super Park in Suwon, South Korea.

Vaunce Super Park – Suwon, South Korea

Below we share our year in review, as well as insight into the specific sales and installation locations from 2020, including the types of facilities from FECs to Trampoline parks and beyond.

Overall HOLOGATE added 55 new systems in 2020, across 12 different countries, including:
Australia, Germany, Iraq, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, USA, Uzbekistan

HOLOGATE Systems Sales and Installations

2020, Year in Review

2020 was a crazy year for all of us, most especially for those in the location-based entertainment industry. As we saw our clients and friends affected by the global pandemic, we didn’t hesitate to jump into action to provide support to our HOLOGATE family, instead, we made the decision to use this year to offer relief, and insight, as well as build on our award-winning products and games with new releases, updates, future partnerships, and research and development, continuing these ideals through the end of the year and into 2021. I urge you to stay tuned, we have some really amazing things in store for 2021.


In early March, our entire team started working from home, setting up a safe, remote “base-of-operations” to best see to our clients’ needs in this time of crisis. Seeing our longtime customers already being affected by restrictions and closures, we went into relief mode, first providing disinfectant wipes to those that were having a hard time finding them available. Next, to help ease the impact of the restrictions in place at most of our clients’ facilities, we offered 2 months of subscription-free games and support, which at the time is how long most of the world thought the lockdowns would last. When it became clear that the pandemic would be here for much longer, and at the request of our customers, we offered new licensing and payment options which added multiple convenient choices for licensing and the addition of credit card payments.


Looking with hope to the future of a post coronavirus world, we saw the need for bringing a uniformed hygiene and safety process to the location-based entertainment industry. Based on our years of experience operating systems and attractions we created the HOLOGATE Hygiene and Safety Standards, complete with invaluable insight, suggested cleaning methods, our thoughts on UVC light cleaning, additional recommended supplies, and our thoughts on perception and visible action for operators as they develop their future plans of safe and fun operations. We also shared our concept of the need to offer social and high fidelity experiences in this new normal, as well as the potential direct benefits of increased revenue and food and drink sales, as well as higher team efficiency, and the ability to offer improved social experiences leading to loyal and repeat business. Finally, to celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of a new year, we shared The Magic of Immersive Experiences, a look at the history of immersive entertainment.

Keep on keepin’ on

On top of all of that, we kept doing what we do best, providing future-proofed, customer-focused, fun-for-everyone, award-winning entertainment options, with next-level content and superior support. In 2020 we released our family-friendly cooperative cooking game Captain Cook and the highly anticipated, worldwide slugslingin’ sensation, Slugterra, as well as adding two new tracks for our futuristic HOLOGATE BLITZ racing game HYPER GP, level and graphic updates to Simurai Arena, and language updates across multiple games. Always looking to deliver the next big thing in immersive entertainment, we partnered with ARVI VR to bring their thrilling series of virtual Escape Room experiences to HOLOGATE in 2021. We also introduced the HOLOGATE TERMINAL, which will bring dynamic, eye-catching marketing, game info, how-to-play videos, and tournament support to the HOLOGATE ARENA and BLITZ, also in 2021.

All in all 2020 was a time of learning, support, development, and success. Here’s to a healthy, safe, and prosperous 2021 from your friends and family at HOLOGATE!


COO, Co-Founder, 15+ years experience as an entrepreneur, engineer, german army officer and founder of Europe‘s largest eSports Club.