Become a Ghostbuster! Strap on your proton packs OR compete to see who is the fastest in the ECTO VR.

In the ARENA game, as academy members in training, strap on your proton packs and work together as a team in high-risk ghost encounter scenarios – all under the safeguard of the academy grounds, of course. Learn how to get handy with your proton blasters and traps as you face ghosts that become more menacing than the last as they ascend the floors of a haunted hotel in this amazingly immersive adventure.

In the BLITZ game, take the wheel in the prototype ECTO VR, a hovercraft exclusively available for evaluation at the academy. Compete to see who is the fastest, most skillful driver in a high-speed ghostly race, putting your ECTO VR to the test and blasting away ghosts that attempt to slow you down.

Ages 12+ 
*Age recommendation based on German USK
– other countries may vary