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HOLOGATE, WARGAMING, HP and Two Bit Circus kicked off the first HOLOGATE VR ESPORTS Tournament during E3 2019.


Los Angeles, June 14th, 2019 – What a night! The first World of Tanks VR eSports Tournament in Los Angeles was a success!

HOLOGATE has partnered with WARGAMING to bring a virtual reality version of their massively multiplayer online PC title World of Tanks to the world’s largest multiplayer VR network. In this immersive first-person action, you maneuver through highly-detailed battlefields and engage in frantic player vs. player frontline battles with your 50-ton combat tank.

We were convinced that this game is perfect for a momentous event in location-based virtual reality, so we decided to arrange the very first HOLOGATE VR eSports Tournament!

The World of Tanks VR Tournament took place at the Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles. Their community of entertainment and engineering enthusiasts combines a love of technology with mad inventions in pursuit of the future of fun and owns the world’s first chain of Micro-Amusement Parks. As one of the flagship locations for HOLOGATE, Two Bit Circus houses two HOLOGATE ARENAs. “HOLOGATE is one of our top VR attractions,” commented Brent Bushnell, CEO of Two Bit Circus. “It’s reliable, operator friendly, always busy, and people love the experience.” We could tell that he was excited for the event as well: “The World of Tanks VR Tournament will allow our customers to be more social in their VR play and enhance their experience!”

Players were able to sign up for the tournament directly on the Two Bit Circus website. For the first time, 8 Players could play against each other in two HOLOGATE ARENAs at once. World of Tanks VR is the first game supporting multiplayer matches over more than one HOLOGATE at the same time. This new technology helps push location-based VR eSports to the next level and sets the foundation for the future eSports stage in location-based virtual reality. Soon, HOLOGATE will enable players to compete with each other in 4-vs-4-Matches around the world.

Thanks to the friendly support and sponsorship of HP, the grand prizes of this first ever HOLOGATE VR eSports tournament were four HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headsets.

Congrats to Team for winning the first ever HOLOGATE 4vs4 World of Tanks VR tournament.

We’re glad that all participants enjoyed the event and we could celebrate our new game in such an extraordinary way. “We are amazed to finally launch the game on HOLOGATE and do it first at Two Bit Circus spectacular VR park,” commented Anton Kolkovskiy, Business Development Director in charge of World of Tanks VR Arcade game at Wargaming. “We love how VR arcades bring people together to compete, socialize and have fun, and a 4-vs-4 competition is one of the best way of doing that.”


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