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HOLOGATE announces release of DAS BOOT – VR Escape


Munich, November 29th, 2019 – DAS BOOT, the critically acclaimed movie and tv series has been re-imagined in HOLOGATE VR, and will be rolling out worldwide to HOLOGATE ARENA systems early next week!

Surfacing from the deep is the latest exclusive HOLOGATE PLUS game for the HOLOGATE ARENA platform, a thrilling, cooperative, submarine experience, DAS BOOT – VR ESCAPE![/az_column_text]

In DAS BOOT – VR ESCAPE four players work co-operatively to take control of a German u-boat on a deadly mission inspired by the critically acclaimed anti-war movie and Sky TV series. On the mission to intercept allied freighters in the Atlantic, you and a friendly submarine are ambushed by British destroyers.

Chaos ensues when the hunters become the hunted and your partner u-boat is heavily damaged in the process. Will you be able to escape the fierce attacks of the enemy guiding your comrades to safety or will you meet your demise in the depths of the harsh sea?

Step into one of four different roles and overcome the challenge of being the Commander, the Watch Officer, Chief Engineer or Helmsman of U-612 under attack. Work together as a team and coordinate your counter-actions precisely to avoid certain death.

Produced by remote control productions (rcp) and developed by Aesir Interactive, this groundbreaking multiplayer experience launches exclusively on HOLOGATE, the leading location-based entertainment VR system.

About remote control productions
remote control productions (rcp) is an independent production house representing Europe’s biggest family of game developers with 14 studios across 4 countries, a gamification unit, an in-house publisher and a digital marketing agency. Since 2005 the Munich-based company together with its teams has shipped more than 130 projects for all major platforms including Bus Simulator 18, Angry Birds Evolution, Ostwind (Windstorm), Sacred Legends, Knights of Valour or Pet Hotel. For more information:

About Aesir Interactive
Aesir Interactive is a development studio based in Munich, Germany, with over 40 passionate, experienced and highly skilled designers, artists and programmers. A strong team spirit, clear communication, coordinated workflows, strong partners and a professional project management lay the foundation for our successful products. Partners like BMW, Eurovideo, Billionsoft, Headup Games, RTLinteractive, European Games Group, Samsung, Deutsche Bahn, WDR and others value our high quality games as well as in-budget and on-time development.

HOLOGATE is the worldwide market leader in compact multiplayer VR systems, with the fastest growing installation base in the history of VR. With more than 300 locations worldwide, and reaching more than 5 Million players per year, HOLOGATE is the largest network of virtual reality multiplayer systems. Our high-end turnkey systems are easy to operate and perfectly integrate with family entertainment centers, cinemas and any other location that wants to upgrade with the latest immersive technology.


COO, Co-Founder, 15+ years experience as an entrepreneur, engineer, german army officer and founder of Europe‘s largest eSports Club.