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HOLOGATE has reached the 1 Million Players mark and is excited for future projects.


Munich, November 8th, 2018 – With the deployment of more than 150 active locations spanning across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region in just under one year, HOLOGATE has already thrilled more than 1,000,000 players worldwide.

Key to this explosive growth is the distinctive design, compact dimensions, and cutting-edge VR multiplayer technology. Complemented with multi-genre, age agnostic, exclusive content, HOLOGATE hit the sweet spot of what the attraction business was searching for to help them painlessly foray into the world of virtual reality.

At the upcoming IAAPA Expo, HOLOGATE will be premiering an extensive line-up of remarkable hardware enhancements and exciting new game titles. This will include newly developed in-house properties, ZOMBYTE, a heart-pounding, photorealistic sci-fi zombie shooter, and GROOVE GUARDIANS, a rhythm action game featuring irresistible music tracks and energizing full-body gameplay.

In addition to our in-house properties, HOLOGATE will be revealing exciting partnerships with popular AAA brands in both the gaming and movie industry to open up the platform for a premium selection of third-party content.

HOLOGATE has joined forces with Sony Pictures VR and Rovio Entertainment Corp. to bring The Angry Birds Movie 2 into the fantastical world of location based virtual reality in Summer 2019. Players must flock together as angry birds and take on those pesky pigs… all while in glorious virtual reality!

The legendary anti-war novel and German’s most thrilling and successful film of all time, Das Boot will be released as a thrilling VR game experience on HOLOGATE in parallel with the upcoming “Das Boot” TV series reboot. In this immersive pressure-filled scenario, four players will have no other choice than to work hand-in-hand to survive… or sink into the dark depths of the sea.

We have also partnered with WARGAMING, the creator of the massively popular multiplayer online game, ‘World of Tanks’, to now introduce World of Tanks VR on the HOLOGATE location-based VR platform. The immersive first-person action let’s players maneuver through highly detailed terrain with the challenging mission to be the last tank standing!

Our team is looking forward to all these exciting projects. We want to thank everyone who has followed and supported our work so far and contributed to the success of HOLOGATE.



CEO, Founder, Visionary with more than 20 years of experience in interactive and immersive media, 17+ years as an entrepreneur.

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