“Classic” ZOMBYTE has been one of HOLOGATE’s all-time crowd pleasers since debuting back in 2018, so following years of overwhelming positive feedback to the game from operators and customers, HOLOGATE wanted to answer the call.

Engage in an adrenaline-soaked battle against wave after wave of oncoming hoards of the infected undead.

Up to four players band together as a Z.W.A.T., which is a Zombie Weapons And Tactics team and they engage in an adrenalin-soaked battle against wave after wave of oncoming hordes of the infected undead.

ZOMBYTE 2 promises to have even more grabbing, biting, slashing by a new batch of the most unimaginable ghastly forms for most spine-tingling fun!  We can’t wait to see the new batch of reaction videos that come from this!

Ages 16+ (Rated M)
*Age recommendation based on German USK
– other countries may vary