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A special offer for HOLOGATE owners

Ensure the safety of your staff and customers, including a UVC cleaning solution at your location to eliminate all viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Contact Cleanbox today!

Cleanbox is a premium, eco-friendly smart tech hygiene company, specializing in medical-grade ultraviolet C (UV-C) sanitizing equipment for VR. Special pricing has been offered for HOLOGATE owners which includes two different options.

HOLOGATE 4-Player package: (4) Cleanbox units
HOLOGATE 2-Player package: (2) Cleanbox units

Post coronavirus, it is imperative to instill the confidence that everything is being done for our customer’s health and safety.
Cleanbox is the sanitization device that you want… and need.

How Cleanbox works

Easy workflow

Simply place the headset inside, close the door, and press the start button and in 60 seconds you’re done!

Highly Effective

Cleanbox emits a medical-grade ultraviolet C light which is 99.99% effective in zapping viruses, bacteria, and fungi in just 60 seconds.

High-Velocity Airblast

Directional high-velocity air blasts the headsets dry and removes any remaining particles.

Safe to use

Special casing keeps the UVC light contained, and a safety feature shuts down the system the moment the door is opened.

The key benefits of owning a Cleanbox

Added peace of mind for you and your customers with this added line of defense to ensure good hygiene.

Higher profits through increased employee efficiency and productivity as a result of optimization in the cleaning process.

Over 10,000 LED light hours and 20,000 fan hours come with every Cleanbox, ensuring many years of usage.

Works with all HOLOGATE headsets.


What is Ultraviolet C (UVC) Light?

UVC is a wavelength of light that does not occur naturally in the atmosphere, so viruses do not have a resistance to it.

Is UVC light dangerous?

The Cleanbox CX1 is designed to be environmentally friendly and safe for the user. The products are designed to prevent any physical exposure to the light. The acrylic windows completely prevent UVC from penetrating to the exterior of the unit and the UVC lights turn off immediately if the door is opened.

What is the Power Draw?

The Cleanbox CX1 can use any power source from 100-240V, 50-60Hz, which means your system will work with power from any country in the world. The CX1 draws slightly less than 5A of power when in operation. An additional power supply is required.

Is heat used?

Cleanbox CX1 doesn’t use heat, liquids or chemicals and is a completely no-waste, eco-friendly product. The system uses medical grade UVC lighting which has been in use in hospital settings for decades.

Will UVC light damage the headset?

UVC will neither damage the headsets or create discoloration over time. Cleanbox is safe to use on all HMDs.

What Is the Nano Solution & How Do I Use It?

We also use a textile nanotech superhydrophobic that helps prevent body fluids including sweat and oils from permeating soft (and hard) surfaces in the first place. This helps provide an invisible barrier (microscopic peaks and valleys on the surface of the headset) which prevent bacteria from replicating. The UVC lights then eradicates the exposed pathogens.

Is there a warranty?

Cleanbox products come with a one-year manufacturers’ warranty for guarantee against faulty parts or lights. Cleanbox will cover at no cost the replacement cost of any parts that are deemed to have been damaged during manufacturing. This warranty does not cover costs of parts damaged in the course of use by the customer. For ongoing maintenance Cleanbox offers replacement parts at a minimal cost.