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Wargaming’s World of Tanks VR joins HOLOGATE!


It’s time to roll out!

As the latest addition to HOLOGATE’s expanding 3rd party game lineup, the award-winning location-based VR platform has partnered with WARGAMING.NET to bring a virtual reality version of their massively multiplayer online PC title, ‘World of Tanks’ to the HOLOGATE system.

Staying true to the classic World of Tanks experience, World of Tanks VR offers players 2 to 8 player deathmatch and team deathmatch battles with VR adapted tank controls, a convenient eye aiming system, and plenty of places to fight across multiple, beautifully imagined virtual battle fields.

Fans of World of Tanks, virtual reality, war simulations, and even esports will enjoy the intense competitive fire fights in World of Tanks VR on HOLOGATE, and with the VR experience now available at over 300 locations, across 21 countries, the time to immerse yourself in epic tank battles is now!

“We are thrilled to start the global rollout of the game on HOLOGATE” said Anton Kolkovskiy, Business Development Director in charge of World of Tanks VR arcade product at Wargaming. “We love how VR arcades bring people together to socialize, challenge each other and have fun. Perfectly fitted HOLOGATE setup is ideal for such experiences as World of Tanks VR with its competitive and co-op gameplay.”

HOLOGATE is the worldwide market leader in compact multiplayer VR systems, with the fastest growing installation base in the history of VR. With more than 300 locations worldwide, and reaching more than 5 Million players per year, HOLOGATE is the largest network of virtual reality multiplayer systems. Our high-end turnkey systems are easy to operate and perfectly integrate with family entertainment centers, cinemas and any other location that wants to upgrade with the latest immersive technology.

About Wargaming
Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Founded in 1998, Wargaming has grown to become one of the leaders in the gaming industry with 4500+ employees and more than 20 offices globally. Over 200 million players enjoy Wargaming’s titles across all major gaming platforms. Their flagship products include the massively popular free-to-play hit World of Tanks and the strategic naval action game World of Warships.



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